LES FACES CACHÉES DE L’INTERCULTUREL: De la rencontre des porteurs de culture

Ce collectif propose de croiser les regards interculturels de chercheurs et d’intervenants, d’universitaires et de praticiens du champ de l’interculturel notamment en psychologie, sociologie, éducation, pédagogie, didactique, philosophie, communication, éthique, anthropologie et travail social. Ces analyses interdisciplinaires convient les auteurs à proposer des réflexions critiques, des remises en question d’idées reçues, des modèles de communication ou de pratiques éducatives et pédagogiques. Publisher : Espaces interculturels

Currently, both the status quo of public education and the “No Excuses” Reform policies are identical. The reform offers a popular and compelling narrative based on the meritocracy and rugged individualism myths that are supposed to define American idealism. This volume will refute this ideology by proposing Social Context Reform, a term coined by Paul Thomas which argues for educational change within a larger plan to reform social inequity—such as access to health care, food, higher employment, better wages and job security. Since the accountability era in the early 1980s, policy, public discourse, media coverage, and scholarly works have focused primarily on reforming schools themselves. Here, the evidence that school-only reform does not work is combined with a bold argument to expand the discourse and policy surrounding education reform to include how social, school, and classroom reform must work in unison to achieve goals of democracy, equity, and opportunity both in and through public education. This volume will include a wide variety of essays from leading critical scholars addressing the complex elements of social context reform, all of which address the need to re-conceptualize accountability and to seek equity and opportunity in social and education reform.

Book publisher : Routledge

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